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Incredibly generous contributions of time, talent and treasure culminated in the stunning community build of our Young 5s-2nd grade playground Oct. 15-20, 2019. We couldn't be more proud or appreciative!

Check out this ClickOnDetroit/WDIV news article commemorating our Phase I build.

For day-by-day photos, visit the "Updates" section below.

We're not done yet!

We may have completed the Y5s-2nd Grade Playground, but we still have a lot of work to do! Our goal is to build the 3rd-5th grade playground in October, 2020. The budget for this structure - a community-build executed in cooperation with Play By Design, LLC - is $160,000. As of February, 2020, we're only $100,000 away from reaching our goal!

If we're fortunate enough to raise funds beyond this amount, we will purchase stand-alone play equipment to complement the structure.

If you have fundraising/grant ideas or you'd like to get involved on the playground committee, please contact us! We'd love to hear from you at


From Eber White's Farm... 

to the Eberwhite Playground...

Our shared history of service to our community runs deep. For nearly 30 years, children and their families have cherished a playground built from the ground up by the hands of dutiful volunteers. The Eberwhite Playground unified a community and strengthened neighborhood bonds. Parents, grandparents, children, neighbors, teachers, and local businesses came together to create a space that served the needs of our thriving community. And for that, multiple generations are grateful. Their service lives on in the hearts and minds of thousands who came together to play, grow, and thrive in a one of a kind space.

Built in 1990, the Eberwhite playground has provided nearly two generations of children and families with fun, excitement and memories. Unfortunately a side effect of providing such joy is significant wear and tear. Professional assessments have concluded that the structures no longer meet current safety standards. In order to continue providing safe, inclusive spaces for our children and families, the structures must be replaced.

The investment a community puts into a playground is a paid back a thousandfold with a healthier community surrounding it.

Would you join us in this community build? You can play a critical role in our rebuild's success by making a tax deductible gift today. 

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