As parents, donors, supporters, and ambassadors of this project, we want to make sure you are up-to-date on all there is to know.  

Why are we fundraising to rebuild our playground?

In December 2018, Ann Arbor Public Schools notified Eberwhite regarding recent playground assessments and confirmed, that after 30 years, the wooden structures have reached the end of their life-cycle and require removal. Shortly after receiving this update, Principal Harris emailed a survey to all Eberwhite families notifying them of news and wanted to capture feedback and determine next steps.

The results of the survey showed that Eberwhite families wanted a faster rebuild timeline, preferring Fall 2019 over Spring 2020. Families also believed that a fundraising goal of $400,000 could be achieved in this timeframe.

The Playground Rebuild fundraising campaign officially kicked off on March 20th at Heritage Night.

How are we going to get there?

A volunteer-based parent steering committee and fundraising team was created to help plan, strategize, and support our community in an effort to achieve this fundraising goal.

In addition to the funding received by Ann Arbor Public Schools, members of this team have researched a variety of potential grant opportunities and have submitted applications for funding. Our fundraising committee is approaching local businesses for corporate donations to help offset costs and engage our community. We've also developed tools for Eberwhite families to use in their individual fundraising efforts, including posters, yard signs, and online fundraising pages. 

Our first payment of $121,000 toward the new playground structures was due in June, 2019.

How can you help?

Volunteer to assist with the physical build of Phase I, October 15-20, 2019! If you are part of a church group, service organization or business who might want to volunteer as a team, please let us know!

Help us spread the word! Educating Eberwhite families, friends, and community members about our Playground Community Build project is a valuable contribution.

If you have relationships with local businesses, please contact Steven Jarvi, our small business donations coordinator. His email is stevenjarvi@yahoo.com.

Current Volunteer Needs: 

Marketing support: Graphic designer

Family-Led Fundraising Coordinator: An individual who will help empower Eberwhite families to host their own fundraisers.

If your family plans to host a fundraiser for the Playground Rebuild, please let us know! We would love to spread the word, ask others to participate and support, and highlight your efforts on our social channels.


From Eber White's Farm... 

to the Eberwhite Playground...

Our shared history of service to our community runs deep. For nearly 30 years, children and their families have cherished a playground built from the ground up by the hands of dutiful volunteers. The Eberwhite Playground unified a community and strengthened neighborhood bonds. Parents, grandparents, children, neighbors, teachers, and local businesses came together to create a space that served the needs of our thriving community. And for that, multiple generations are grateful. Their service lives on in the hearts and minds of thousands who came together to play, grow, and thrive in a one of a kind space.

Built in 1990, the Eberwhite playground has provided nearly two generations of children and families with fun, excitement and memories. Unfortunately a side effect of providing such joy is significant wear and tear. Professional assessments have concluded that the structures no longer meet current safety standards. In order to continue providing safe, inclusive spaces for our children and families, the structures must be replaced.

The investment a community puts into a playground is a paid back a thousandfold with a healthier community surrounding it.

Would you join us in this community build? You can play a critical role in our rebuild's success by making a tax deductible gift today. 


A Gracious Tribute:

We can only hope the love and care so clearly exemplified by those devoted to the "original" Eberwhite playground effort is recreated today. A heartfelt, "thank you" to the countless families, community members and businesses who came together in 1989-90 to make our current playgrounds a reality.

View the Ann Arbor District Library's archive of the historic feat here.

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